In the woods

Sean is also know as “Shug:….his You Tube alter ego. The videos embody his love for getting out into the piney woods backpacking either solo or with friends. His chosen way is to sleep in a hammock under a tarp.

Sean/Shug won the Backpacker Magazine Tough Guy Challenge in 2011and won terrific prizes and pride in beating out many younger fellers. This backpacking passion is the antithesis to being on stage in front of an audience and allows his soul to get a bit of a respite and allows the internal batteries to get re-charged. OK….that sounded good but really I just want to get away and act like an 11 year old))))))

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In his art

Sean studied Commercial Art in College but was always looking for something more “immediate”. Thus he took some acting and mime which led to filling out an application for Ringling Brother’s and Barnum and Bailey’s Circus. Surprisingly he was accepted thus began a new journey.

Sean sees his art skills the same as using power tools. It is a skill he can access and paint costumes for his wife Meg’s aerial performers at Xelias Aerial Arts Studio. Or paint his own props and banners. Even the chairs at Xelias are Sean’s handy-work. Mainly using acrylic and also airbrush. Sean still likes dragging a squirrel hair brush the best.

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